Institute of Business & Technology (IBT)

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About IBT


It was in 2012 that Institute of Business and Technology(IBT) started with twenty seven students, two programs,small amount of resources, and a group of dedicated and dynamic teachers. Five years since 2012, we have now One Hundred and ninety five brilliant students, two computer laboratories, one Library, 4 booming programs (including one department in the process of being started), well-trained teachers, a spirited team of supporting staff, and a dedicated management group. What started as an experimental project has now been transformed into a prestigious educational institute with a wide range of contacts, both local and global. Let's take a look at the way we traveled over the years IBT started with Two floors of the Taiyeaba Bhaban, Kallanpur in year 2012, October. We started with the BBA program and Pearson_Vue authorized test center. Later, the TOEFL test centre was added and the CSE department is going to start very soon. IBT is serving the interest of the students and the teachers with its sophisticated classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and extremely rich library. It is not only the physical infrastructure that differentiates IBT with the rest of the lot in Dhaka. Rather, it is the cultural and research content that determines the superiority in effort and initiative on the part of the management to cultivate the moto “Connecting Life and Learning” in the campus of IBT is culturally intense. Each and every single festival and day is arranged with due splendor and color. Students are regularly taking part in debates, programming contests, career development programs and research workshops Behind all the stories of success is a well-coordinated group of dedicated individuals-who have devoted their efforts for the cause of enlightenment IBT management team.


Vision of IBT is to create an excellent image in higher education & research and to accelerate national development by establishment of an institution of keen learning that is responsive to society’s needs for the 21st century and beyond.


“Connecting Life and Learning” throughout the organization to be manifested by all of our actions and activities.


To become one of the leading institute providing the highest opportunity of learning and developing in the country.


  • To emerge as the one of the best Insttitute in Bangladesh in the next few years.
  • To develop high quality human resources to cater to the growing need of manpower of socio-economic development.
  • To be a first mover contributing organization to flourish innovation of knowledge through continuous research and development.

Facilities we are providing

  • Well qualified adjunct faculty members
  • Air conditioned Class Rooms with multimedia facilities
  • Enriched Library
  • Sophisticated Computer Lab
  • Full WIFI enabled campus
  • Cafeteria, Student Common room facilities
  • Club facilities including Cultural Club, Sports Club, Language Club, Debate Club.
  • Tuition waiver for good students.
  • Prayer Room for students.