Institute of Business & Technology (IBT)

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8 weeks (48 Hours)


Average 6 - 8 students, max 15


Reading: skimming and scanning for general or specific information (e.g. data/statistics, facts); processing information from academic and authentic sources (magazines, journals and the internet), logical organisation of information.

Writing: (task one) interpreting and comparing data; describing tables, objects, graphs and processes; (task two) stating and developing arguments/opinions; problem-solving; presenting information logically, coherently and cohesively; paragraph mapping—introduction, body of ideas and conclusion; sequencers and signaling devices; proof–reading/editing work as part of drafts.

Listening: extracting information from texts of varying lengths e.g. university lectures, radio interviews, radio documentaries, conversations; learning what information to look for and what to exclude.

Speaking: providing information in a formal interview context; giving an extended talk on a given topic; taking part in a formal discussion; giving a formal presentation/report.

Grammar: language required for describing graphs and diagrams including comparatives and superlatives, the passive voice.

Vocabulary Topics: develop vocabulary connected with the most common IELTS topics, such as the Environment, Science and Technology, Health, Energy, Education, Transport, The Arts, Media, and Urbanisation.