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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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Prospects for a BBA graduate

As a BBA graduate, you basically hold the golden ticket because you can apply for just about any business-related job that you want and be highly qualified for the position. With this degree, you become highly employable, so to speak. The course of bachelor degree in the business administration is amongst the most demanding courses that are presently opted by the Bangladeshi youth. The course of BBA fetches an excellent format of placement prospects if it earned from a reputed or esteemed Universities and Institutes. The course in its placement prospects provides an ideal as well as decent job package to those who have under taken the course.

Career Options for BBA Graduates

Both government as well as private sectors offers exciting career opportunities to BBA graduates. Due to availability of more job opportunities after pursuing BBA program, students prefer pursuing professional courses such as BBA over regular graduation programs after completing HSC. If you are a BBA graduate, you can seek employment from different companies that offer business management and sales positions. You can also work as a project planner, a production supervisor, and a business administrator. Usually, BBA graduates apply in companies that engage in the business of manufacturing, construction, retail, and finance.

Nature of jobs

The candidates that are successfully placed in these companies are placed in the financial accounting, marketing analysis, financial analysis as well as auditing aspects of the companies. The managerial aspects of these candidates are utilized to provide an excellent base to the fundamental needs of these companies. Thus there are many aspects within which a candidate after passing BBA can be placed. Thus in the end, the utilized aspects of these candidate are the very base of the success of these companies.

Salary, remuneration, emolument

Graduates from business administration programs have the potential to make a great deal of money. Of course, they can also find themselves in the kinds of positions that have lower ceilings on the potential earnings but offer other benefits, such as attractive hours and more-relaxed work environments. Really, as is the case with many fields of business, the amount you earn is to a great extent determined by your own professional goals.

Some of the domains where BBA graduates can be easily absorbed are as follows
Finance Sector

Different private and public sector banks, insurance companies, credit companies, financial institutions and other companies those have moderate scale of financial activities offer job to play various roles in financial sector such as financial analyst, management trainee, accountant etc to the BBA graduates.

Sales & Marketing

BBA graduates can find ample job opportunities in sales and marketing field. Majority of BBA graduates are absorbed as management trainees, business development executives, marketing executives etc. Different sales and marketing companies train the BBA graduates as per their company norms for delivering the required sales targets.

Consulting services

BBA pass outs can also grab plenty of job opportunities in consulting services sector. Consulting is one of the emerging sectors with ample employment opportunities.

Human Resources

BBA graduates can also seek a job in the human resources sector. Every firm has a HR department so students with interest in hiring activities, placements, performance evaluation, and appraisals can opt for a career in human resources.

Accounting sector

BBA graduates can find ample job opportunities in accounting field. BBA graduates are absorbed as accounting executives, Different accounting train the BBA graduates as per their company requirements.

Higher Education for BBA Graduates

Apart from the above mentioned job opportunities, BBA graduates can also enroll for professional courses such as CA and ICMA, CS which are very much in demand these days. They can enroll for post graduation courses such as MBA and MBM on their choice. The BBA pass outs can also option for part time jobs and enroll for some short duration computer courses which will be an added advantage.

Admission Requirements

Prospective Students who have passed HSC or its equivalent with minimum GPA-2.5 from any discipline can apply to be admitted into the program. Students shall have to maintain the following criteria:

  1. A minimum GP-3 in either Accounting/ Economics/ Islamic Economics/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Business Geography
  2. A minimum GP -2 in English
  3. Age maximum 22 years
Steps in Admission

The prescribed application package can be collected with a payment of Tk. 300 in cash from the IBT office. The completed form along with 6 passport size photographs and other required documents will have to be submitted to the IBT office within the scheduled time.

Selection Procedure

The Selection Committee shall select the prospective Students based on:

  1. Previous results
  2. Viva-voce, etc.

Each selected candidate shall have to complete some prescribed form(s) provided by the IBT and to submit the same along with 2 passport size photographs and other required documents to the office within the scheduled time and the requisite fees. Students who will fulfill the above-mentioned requirements can be enrolled in the BBA program. The course duration is 4 Years. The registration of a student for the program will remain valid for 6 years.